• 02-16-04:All-new Ken doll action in the photo gellery.
  • 02-09-04:Two years of inactivity and a page crash later... VK and LK mutually cull the art section.
  • 11-18-02:We do, indeed, have a profile page now. Send us hate mail and stale cookies, please.
  • 10-09-02:LK scribbles and adds to her section. blah.
  • 10-06-02:Vk here again, new stuff in Persona and Misc
  • 09-18-02:Vk updates other and persona section. It's a miracle.
  • 09-07-02:We have photos.
  • 09-05-02:Links page updated. You can go other places!
  • 08-21-02:Behold! A working guestbook is added. And LK does a much needed thinning-out of her art site.
  • 07-29-02:CG parade! Ai, ai, ai, aiiiiiii! Harry Potter, Original, and Persona.
  • 07-23-02:Gasp, gasp, gasp! Kitsune revamps or rather slims down her art section and adds a few new cgs or sketches to the original, Harry Potter and Persona sections.
  • 07-3-02: Happy day! All new original fic by red slacker: "Love in the Land of the Cynics" Read it. Also 1 new pic by LK.
  • 06-19-02:New persona cg
  • 05-10-02: Two persona cgs from VK, amazing.
  • 05-08-02: VK lives! Updates with three cgs to misc and persona sections.
  • 04-05-02: LK doodles again.... yeah
  • 03-15-02: beware the ides of March! LK puts 2 scribbles in her art section and updates the update section. oh joy
  • 02-26-02: vkitsune here, updating minorly. um, and happy new year to those who ever kicked around here. first actual update to the moved site is a few sketches and cgs in various fanart sections...hooray.

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