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Favorite Places

Non-slash Fun

  • Anime Web Turnpike You can find a good list of links here.
  • The documentation of a language phenomenon.
  • 8-Bit Theater An amusing webcomic indeed.
  • Adbusters A great cause, and a lot of stirring art.
  • Nobody Here The best thing ever to come out of randomly typing things into the address bar.
  • The Traffic Cone Preservation Society One man's noble persuit for the proper care of all cones.
  • True Meaning of Life Where else can Ellen Feiss be a guru?
  • Seanbaby The king of internet humor.
  • Mr. T vs. Everything Because you, too, want to be thrown hella far.
  • Red Meat Max Cannon is a genius. Admit it.
  • Angel in Devil's Boots The best Nick Cave resource page on the web. Cave is probably one of the biggest influences in Red's writing.
  • Follow Me Around And here's one of the best Radiohead resources on the net. They're a huge influence both on Red and VK.
  • All Your Base Are Belong to Us! Oh, I know you've all seen it. We're just tools, okay?

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