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red slacker

  • Love in the Land of the Cynics

    Series: Original

    Author's commentary: Self-imposed rating: NC-17 Notes: This is entirely mine. All the characters, places, and events herein are the intellectual property of yours truly. Enjoy. Or don't, you miscreant.

  • Vexilla Regis Prodeunt Inferni[incomplete]

    Series: Weiß Kreuz

    Author's commentary: This is the longest fanfic I'll ever have the misfortune to be involved in. Parts of it are actually, even by my standards, reasonably good. The main warnings: spoilers for Weiß Kreuz, religious blasphemy, and NC-17 rating by chapter 4. Listen, it's Farfarello's P.O.V. What are you expecting?

  • Prison Sex

    Series: Weiß Kreuz

    Author commentary: What the heck? A songfic? By me? Frightening. I shall loathe myself for eternity.

  • The Dustbin of History

    Series: Final Fantasy VII

    Comments: Eck. Old. Old old old. Crap crap.

  • Breaking the Code

    Series: Final Fantasy VII

    Comments: Look! Even MORE old crap! This fic is based off of Kali Flwr's Omnislash, which should be read first. I assure you, it is actually well-written. As opposed to this.

  • Fading

    Series: Harry Potter

    Comments: Blah! Indeed, I say blah to many a thing, but I really was not too sure about publicizing this baby. I wrote it in a total of one hour when I was in an odd mood. Experimentation with Stream of Conciousness is getting far too common... *sigh.*

  • One More Tomorrow

    Series: Harry Potter

    Comments: This fic is roughly PG-13, for overt m/m relations, some language (Ithink), and a pinch of angst. The Harry Potter series iscreated and rightfully owned by J. K. Rowling.

    This fic is for BlueNeko, who forced me to read this stuff. No, Blue. No lemon.See? I'm a nice, wholesome writer. Really.

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